Special Works

Monitorings and inspections

Every participation of territorial reclamation needs of a collection given and reliefs address you to a profitable one and aimed resolutive participation of the problematic franose. The structural causes or predisposing are those connecting to the geologic, morphologic, idrogeologici factors, which the shape and the dimensions of the geologic bodies, the relationships with those adjacent ones, the litologici types, the giacitura of the layers, the state of fratturazione, the alteration of cliffs, the permeability, the slope of the depositors etc.


Monitoraggio ed ispezione di pareti rocciose instabili

The occasional or determining causes are those that determine in a data moment the alteration of the natural equilibriums, which an increase of the specific weight, an increase of the inclination of the slope, a cargo increase one lessening of the cohesion and one lessening of the friction between stratum and substrate.

What we can do is:

  • [rendere il masso solidale con la roccia]
  • Put on effective protections
  • Actual elimination of the threatening to fall rock

The choose between one of the previous solutions is possible just after an accurate analysis of the informations we get; in fact only with these data it is possible to plan and coordinate precisely all the interventions.


Caricamento di esplosivi in roccia su fronte roccioso

Explosives are particularly indicated for this kind of interventions. Falling rocks, in particular contexts, can represent a great danger.

Explosive whitin rock

Interventions of demolition to [ensure] rock faces are [mirate alla bonifica] of unstable surfaces. Scaling hundreds of mt3 of rocks in a few seconds makes the work much safer and [fastens] the [messa in sicurezza] of the rock face.

Disgaggi con esplosivo a Battedizzo (BO)

The most important use of the explosives in rocks is [messa in sicurezza] of rock faces after [frane]. After these events, often, the face presents yet a low stability, and a human intervention results necessary.
For an optimal result, an adequate quantity of perforations is needed to charge the right amount of explosives and clean completely the zone.

Disgaggio con esplosivo e abbattimento di rocce pericolanti in località Camugnano (BO)


Caricamento dell’esplosivo in quota

Other scaling works are preventive, made on rocks that could create problems or danger in the future. Generally these works are commissioned by [Enti pubblici], but sometimes there are also private customers, who want to [mettere in sicurezza] their own properties if those could create damage. Nevertheless,the intervention of [Ente pubblico] is always needed, and it often finances, completely or in part, the work.

Rock scaling and nets

The cleaning of a rock scale, after the use of explosives, is also manual, removing from their seats the most unstable rocks created by the explosion.

The scaling is made in conditions of perfect safety, working with climbing ropes and according to the most usual mountaineering techniques.

We furnish and pose metallic nets and other barriers to protect from the rocks, as an effective remedy to the [ripristino] of unstable rock faces.


Lavori in quota


Messa in opera di reti e barriere paramassi


Messa in opera di reti e barriere paramassi