Who We Are

Nowadays, to safely demolish a building, people need, more than ever, modern technologies and equipment, and above all up-to-date and professional know-how.

At ESPLODEM service, we offer our deep knowledge and our large professional experience in order to become a reliable partner for any kind of professional explosions need.

We provide to our customers technical support, projects and services which go from [disbrigo degli adempimenti burocratici] to the actual end of any activity needed for the intervention, taking complete responsibility about the execution of any commissioned work.

The highly professional experience and knowledge we acquired in this sector let us offer an optimal solution in terms of safety, competence, and, of course, results.

Now we are one of the most highly specialized Italian societies in explosion services and we usually work all over Italy.


We offer charging works, technical support, planning an execution of any civil or industrial demolition, even of rocks, and generally our competence with any explosive, guaranteeing our constant presence in the scrapyard and taking responsibility even of the right [svolgimento delle pratiche burocratiche] until the end of the commissioned work.

Most important activity spheres:

  • Demolitions with explosives
  • Planning and executive processes of demolition with explosives
  • Rock scaling with explosives
  • [messa in sicurezza] of rock faces
  • Charging of explosives [fochinaggio]
  • Drilling
  • Assessments and monitoring of  tremors
  • Technical support and explosives use
  • Safe destruction of explosives
  • Designing of safety plans for the use of explosives (D.Lgs 494/96 – D.Lgs 626/94)


GEODEM has acquired a large experience in using explosives materials of any kind, above all in the demolitions sphere, being able to manage the demolition of any kind of building.


Products certifications: our explosives are certified products and equipped with technical specifications about production and safety. We can say that these documents guarantee a very safe work place.

In the explosives sector is more than ever important to be always [acknowledged] of the own capacities. For this reason we keep constantly up-to-date on the most modern and safe techniques offered by the market, with direct contact with the most important producer and furnishers in Italy and [all’estero].

Explosives, as work instruments, are useful and convenient bringing some important and unique advantages; above all in the demolitions sphere, the use of explosives represents more and more clearly the best alternative to the traditional ways of [abbattimento].

  • Scrapyard security
  • Reduced time
  • Economical convenience

One of the greatest advantages is clearly the possibility to estimate, allowing just for a very small and tolerable margin of error, both the level of destruction caused to the material and the exact falling dynamics. In fact, it is always good to make an accurate plan of the demolition and of the dimensions of the explosive charges.

For us at GEODEM, planning a demolition means taking care of every single detail about security and environmental respect.

A demolition with explosives lasts just a few seconds: a bang, a thud and the dust are the three only elements of the demolition.

The scene that succeeds presents only an ordered amount of ruins, ready to be mounted on trucks and eventually recycled.
A demolition made with explosives generally costs much less than a traditional demolition. Often the diffidence for a new and/or unusual technique is due only to cultural reasons or working habits, but in Italy there are people and societies able to work at maximum levels.